Male Sexual Fantasies – His Dirty Naughty Secrets Revealed

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We’ve all heard about it before — a man’s mind is a cavern of many different (and naughty) things. Most of them are probably revealed way before time began but we have to admit that there are still things (sometimes unconscious cravings) that we men can’t help but drool about. Making love with the woman we love is like heaven itself — however, we do want something a little adventurous every once in a while instead of the usual you-lying-there-and-me-doing-all-the-work routine. We’re not whining, we love women and that’s that. But below are some male sexual fantasies you might want to take into consideration:

  • Having you helpless. That’s right — and we mean more than the usual you-lying-there-and-me-doing-all-the-work position. Sometimes men want to see our women calling and moaning our names to satisfy their needs and urges — and we cannot feel manlier. That’s why we do love it when you show a little reaction when we make love with you — let us know if you’re having a great time as well. It makes us all turned on all over again.
  • You taking the lead. This may definitely contradict male fantasy number one, but it still keeps a guy raging hormones on its critical mass. Sure, they love to take control but when you get on his way and take matters into your own hands, things get a little naughtier making us melt right there and then. Aggressive girls can have a certain sexy effect with men — it won’t hurt to be one every once in a while.
  • Some oral action. A little blow-me session is every guy’s dream come true. It’s a definite treat especially if it’s from someone they totally love — get adventurous with your guy by giving him one. It’s a good start and a sexy foreplay and you’ll be all over each other in no time. Keep things slow and nice — he’ll be all fired up for you all night long.
  • Getting it rough. When things get pretty passionate and intense and all, go rough and wild with your guy. Making love is useless if you don’t work hard to get satisfied. And besides, you’re both supposed to have a great time. So don’t be scared to try new things with your man — he’s ready whenever you are.

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